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350 ml 450 mm, creative Christmas, spinning glass, cup with straw cover 100% high quality glass Power: 350 mm 450 mm Materials: High Borosilic glass + a lip of glass + anti -slip rubber Job: High temperature resistance, can be completely sealed, no water leakage, easy to clean note: 1. Due to the difference in the display and the effect of light, the actual color of the material may differ slightly from the color that appears on the images. 2. Please allow a slight deviation in the measurement due to manual measurement. 3. If you have any questions when receiving the products, please contact us in time, and we will respond within 24 hours.  ..
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    Auto feature:Type: Coffee pills millGetytime seizure: 8th Modification of thickness and equipmentCraft speed: 120 grams/minCapacity: 200gThe package includes: one kit with one cup            ..
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★ Foldable filter holder: Easy to use, is revealed and placed on the cup's mouth to filter coffee. ★ Suitable for a diameter of 7-10 centimeters: a wide range of sizes to suit a wide range of cup sizes. ★ High filtering holder prevents soaking: after using a pregnant woman, the filtration paper is not soaked in the water, which makes it easier to control the amount of filtered water. ★ 250 degrees adjustable standard: detailed control the width of the pregnant woman, so you can control the size of the pregnant woman. ★ PP, heat -resistant up to 120 ° C.: It can be used again and again. ★ Cleared and easy to storage: lightweight and easy to carry, do not take space.You can enjoy a cup of suspended coffee for the ear even in the open air. ★ Brand: Shwangishan Shimuyama ★ Name: Coffee Filter holder ★ Place of origin: China ★ Article: Polly Polypillan ★ Heat resistance: 120 ° C ★ Product color: coffee ★ Exceptions: dishwasher ★ 1/2/5 pieces * Coffee filter holder ★ 1.Please allow 1-3 mm due to manual measurement. ★ 2.Because of the different production batches, the details of the product may be slightly different. ★ 3.Because of the different display and light, the image may not reflect the actual color of the material. Shopping and returning Shipping and wholesale requests are accepted. All requests will be shipped within 1-5 working days or within 1-7 days during holidays. We will contact you if your request faces any problems, and we will provide coupons in compensation...
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Coffee Material: Stainless steel the size: Manual mill -14 x5.1 cm Bean Storage Tank -9.6 x9.3CM A cup of foldable-folded filter 2.9 centimeters, detected a size of 9.5x7.8cm Kettle-10.6x8.9cm portable hand rinsing Fol Stainless Steel-13.8 centimeter spoon A cup of coffee -8.2 x8.2 cm..
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